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Jaime M. Price-Anderson is a visual artist working in acrylic, clay, and watercolor. She is exploring how to adapt 3D printing toward artistic applications.  Her art is inspired by history, music, literature, and nature. Despite being a city girl at heart, Jaime grew up in the Allegheny National Forest in NW Pennsylvania and currently lives in rural Minnesota with her family.

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Hello, my name is Jaime and welcome to my website. I'm delighted you are here. As a Digital Consultant, I use my creative and business backgrounds to help clients build their website AND integrate it into their business strategy goals. In an increasingly digital world, your online presence is a reflection of your company. I specialize in working with nonprofits, startups, and rural businesses.


As a professional during COVID, I found myself quarantined with 2 small (rambunctious) children. A year into the pandemic and my mother passed away, joining my father on their next adventure. Art, meditation, and yoga helped me to stay grounded and present, finding joy in the depths of grief and grounding amidst chaos. My art became a space of joy as I began a dedicated study in watercolor, acrylic and later clay.  I love teaching the mindfulness techniques that I've learned, although it's not my main focus. It is just that amazing. I do guest yoga classes as well as one-on-one and very small group settings (Limit of 5). Check out the Classes page for yoga and meditation postings. 


Here's a Survey on Online Guided Meditation Class timeslots to start in the spring 2021. 


I am currently preparing spring paintings and clay pieces for gallery submission as well as hard at work on a couple FUN new projects. Stay tuned for upcoming gallery, workshops, and exhibits. I hope you have a great day and I'm excited to connect with you. 

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