6 week Trauma Informed Yoga Series

6 week intro to trauma sensitive yoga in the comfort of your own home.

  • 250 US dollars
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Service Description

Come as you are. We will meet 1:1 weekly for 6 weeks to teach you the basics of calming down your body from the inside out. Trauma sensitive yoga is not just regular yoga with a few tweaks. As a trauma informed yoga instructor, I specialize in teaching bio hacks that trick your nervous system into calming down. Our nervous systems developed as finely tuned warning systems to ensure our survival. Our bodies can't tell that your bosses displeasure with you or that idiot who cut you off in traffic are not in fact a threat to your survival. I know, right? The COVID pandemic has left us all with a shared collective trauma that will impact us and our children. With guaranteed trauma around every turn, how can we find joy? How can we teach our kids to find joy? The answer is really hard. Knowing how to calm our bodies down is a powerful tool in our toolkit for dealing with modern life. Through specific poses and breathing techniques that trick our nervous systems into resetting our nervous system responses to stressors, we have powerful bio hacks. When we learn about good self-care, we learn how to care for ourselves and in turn, for others. Parents can then model these good habits for families. Together we learn healthy coping skills that reinforce the safety and connection into our family relationships. As someone who has experienced trauma, I knew that once I learned these skills, I had to share them with other people. These skills helped me combat a host of traumas so that I could be present for my family AND be the type of friend/mom/wife I wanted to be. I use these tools on a daily basis to stay grounded and centered. And what could be a greater gift then bringing you these nourishing skills directly into your home? When you are ready. I promise, no handstands, no trust falls, no pretzel twists, no judgement, no expectations. Just simple tools to help you feel better. Are you ready?

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